Shaft Name Flex Length (in) Weight (g) Tip O.

Every shaft in the TENSEI family is.

The difference is that the Tensei feels tighter throughout the shaft. fc-smoke">Sep 24, 2015 · Feel.

Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 60.

Because it is a counter-balanced shaft, you can play this shaft in driver's that are longer, i.

00. Aluminum Vapor coated Fiber in the butt section adds. 0.

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The list of pros and cons of the shaft is given below:. 6 Mid.



$600. Your 90 mph speed has you right on the cusp of R or S flex and these shafts have somewhat softer tip profiles.

Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 60. Don't worry about what cutting the butt of the shaft will do.

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Any of the more recent Tensei Blue shafts also have similar profiles to the CK that you inquired about, they just use different materials in the shafts.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue shaft has a mid-launch profile that offers smooth feel with Tour-caliber performance.

Aluminum Vapor coated Fiber in the butt section adds.

The Tensei Orange, on the other hand, is lighter, has lower torque, and transfers more energy to cover more distance. . Regular, stiff, X, and TX are also available at 65 and 75 grams.

The CK Pro shafts vary by up to 8g within the same weight class depending on flex, and the AV Raw Blue 85TX is an 86g raw shaft whereas the Diamana BF 80TX is a 90g raw shaft. (in) Tip Length (in) Butt O. It’s a great shaft for moderate to fast swingers who want to improve their club head speed. 370 4. MCA Tensei AV Blue with Xlink Tech 65: TSR2/TSR3: R2, R, S, X: Mid: Project X HZRDUS Black 4G 70: TSR2/TSR2+/TSR3:.

Mitsubishi’s regular flex shaft has similar torque, not the X flex I was looking for.

Similar if not identical to the Blue, the Tensei Orange is counterbalanced which helps you to swing harder and more accurate shots. The difference is that the Tensei feels tighter throughout the shaft.

You'll notice in terms of specs that only the lightest flex AV Blue 55 is actually 55g uncut, all the others are heavier getting up to 62g.

Besides the “FW” label the specs in the Taylormade custom option manual are completely different.

Mitsubishs Tensei Blue 60 Shaft Specs.

TM Tour Issue Rescue 11 TP Deep Face Proto 16* - Ventus Black HB 9TX.

The TENSEI™ AV Blue Series modernizes MCA GOLF’s tour-proven, classic smooth bend profile.