Balsa Wood Box.

he said it’s really light & the edges of the hood are all rounded and smooth.

Welding Helmet Mask with Lens, Leather Welding Hood Work Hat, Adjustable Welding Helmet Protection Mask, Sweat Absorption, Heat Resistant, Breathable, for Welding. 6 oz) Choose left or right handed.

carbon Fiber material.


Select options; Colored Composite Series Pancakes $. The highly anticipated carbon fibre pancake hoods by Outlaw leather have arrived. Outlaw Leather.

99 (/ ) Sold Out.

Original Brand. the clear grinding/protective plate in the main part of the shield is held in place by two tabs molded into the hood itself. Blue Outlaw Leather Hood "Western Welding Academy Edition" $149.

The hood is made with. White Pancake USA We The People (carbon Fiber) $209.


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We aim to provide only custom, high-quality material, equipment, and leather to the welding world. $179.

95. Outlaw Leather Welding Hoods and Accessories store Pasadena 77506.

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carbon Fiber material.

Outlaw Leather Carbon Fiber Pancake Hood.

Search 0 Cart. However, with the Outlaw Leather Pancake Hood, you won’t have to worry about any of these common issues. .

Close search. With over a decade of experience serving the welding community, we're here to help you take your welding journey to the next level. Carbon Fiber is a conductive material, electrical shock may occur if used near electrical devices, including stinger. Skip to content. . Shop today!.

Technical Specs.

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Please use with caution.


Made in Pasedena Texas, light weight with a durable and comfortable custom made strap.


Select options; Arc Vision Auto Darkening Welding Lens $ 60.